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Very important announcement

December 18. 2010

Dear visitor,
on Tuesday 14.12.2010 server that hosted this website had crashed, and website was not online until today. Some data could not been recovered from this crash. If you are a registered user, then this is important to you:

- if you have registered before 17.11.2010. than your account is still active, but some entries might be missing, in case you have made entries after 17.11.2010.

- if you have registered after 17.11.2010. than your account is not active anymore, and if some entries were created, unfortunately they are all lost.

I deeply regret that this has happened, but my web service provider had only been creating 2 backup copies... Now he is creating 4, and hopefully, this will never happen again.

I kindly invite all users, whose accounts were lost, to register again, and to continue keeping a headache journal. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me from contact page or write me at

Best regards,

First post

August 5, 2010. I decided to make this website because, I also suffer from migraines. By using a diary I was able to prevent majority of my headaches. So, this is my try to make life easier for me and you. During these 10 painful years, I started keeping track of my headaches, what the pain was like, what could have caused it, which medicine helped me...I listened to my body very carefully, and I would make notes. And then, when I sensed that the next headache was near, I would try to recognize which one was similar in the past, what helped me, and what didn't. I would use that information to save myself from another painful experience. Taking notes got a little messy, so I made free online migraine diary to make it easier.

This migraine diary is COMPLETELY FREE, my only satisfaction is knowing that I helped someone. By using "My Migraine Diary" you will be able to:

bullet1 Create, edit, delete or view headache entries
bullet2 Find most frequent migraine triggers
bullet3 Find most frequent pre-migraine symptoms
bullet4 Type migraine symptoms to get suggested treatment(experimental)
bullet5 Print all diary entries for your doctor (highly recommended)

Register now and start tracking your migraine headaches today!
I will also post helpful information on my blogs page, what scientists found out about migraines, what makes them less painful and of course, my personal experience.

I sincerely hope this website will be helpful to you, as it is to me, because by keeping track of my headaches I'm able to prevent 90% of them.

Missing sleep, getting too much sleep, napping, or even going to bed and getting up on an irregular schedule can trigger migraines.
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